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Models In the book “Crystal,” by Walter Dean Myers, It explains the life of a young African American teenage girl changing because she is now starting her modeling career. It shows how much impact modeling has on her life. She began to change in many ways; she lost friends, and gained some. The fame was a lot for her and she began to forget where she came from. But things started changing when her photographer asked her to make sexual poses and then pose topless... as a teenager. It made her change the way she thought about modeling. She went to fashion shows and then she believed that she was too big to fit the role. She started hurting herself and grades began dropping. The toll that modeling has on people is so much. Outsiders do not understand what they go through on a daily basis. It is very difficult. With most people, they believe that…show more content…
You have the large markets (New York, Paris, and Los Angeles) that are more model-saturated than the commercial markets (Target, Payless, and Amazon). In large markets it’s harder to get booked because they use the same models. The try to stay with the people they like because they already know what they can do and what they want. Modeling is a freelance job. It’s hard to work in this industry because it’s not just handed to you. You’re not just given a work schedule and get paid by the hour and many people don’t understand that. They don’t know what is behind the scenes. You must have a contract with an agency and then go on castings, if you are selected then ( which it’s a 99% chance you’re not) some models gets less than a hundred dollars to a couple thousand. It’s a very rewarding job but people don’t even try to understand what models go through and how hard it is. But even if they know nothing about it, they are still quick to judge. ("What People Don't Understand About My Job: The Fashion

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