Cry the Beloved Country Essay

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“The tragedy is not things that are broken. The tragedy is that things are not mended together.” Alan Paton wrote this novel, Cry the Beloved Country during his tenure as the principal at Diepkloof Reformatory for delinquent African Boys.Alan Paton wrote his important novel, Cry the Beloved Country, while apartheid was still in place in South Africa. On Kumulo’s first journey, he is determined to find his son. As the journey goes on we see Kumulo’s weaknesses show. His journey begins when he receives a letter from a fellow minister summoning him to Johannesburg. The letter says that he is needed there to help his sister, Gertrude because she has become ill. While he is on his journey to Johannesburg, he will also try and reconnect with his son, that traveled to Johannesburg from Ndotsheni and never returned. He is at the point in his life where his children should be the ones caring for him, but instead he is traveling far and wide to find his son who never returned. He lets his sadness overtake him so he slowly becomes weak mentally. He eventually grows very tired until he finds out that his son has passed. As we see throughout the novel, Kumulo is a very caring person and can tell right from wrong. Kumulo reminds me of Christopher Columbus. Kumulo and Christopher both went on a journey to find something. Both of the characters had to go through obstacles to eventually get what they wanted. They both went through hardship where they didn’t have anyone to turn to or to talk to when they were in need. Both of these “explorers” had to and did rely on faith to get them through their journeys. Kumulo is not the only character who experiences as journey in the novel. For example, James Jarvis takes on a journey that is similar to Kumulo’s. James is a white English-speaking farmer who lives on a hill above Ndotsheni. In the beginning of the novel, he is very

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