Cry, the Beloved Country Essay

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Small Village or Big City? Some people may choose the fast-paced, troublesome city life where big opportunities come your way like John Kumalo did; however, others on the other hand may choose the small town, close knit family life like Stephen Kumalo. Stephen and John use to be close until John moved into the city of Johannesburg. They lost contact until one day Stephen received a letter stating that his sister is sick, so he left Ndotsheni to go visit her. While he was there he decided he wanted much more than that; he needed closure on if his brother and son were okay and why they no longer write to him. Stephen left his small town village in Ndotsheni, which is a beautiful place as the book described it as “These hills are grassed-covered and rolling, and they are lovely beyond any singing of it.” (Paton, p.33) In this village everyone is close knit, very spiritual, and they believe in doing no wrong. Stephen had somewhat of an idea what he was getting himself into when he left for the city but not this much chaos. When Stephen arrived in Johannesburg, he was able to find his sister with the help of a nice man by the name of Mismangu. He saw how his sister was acting and that she has made a big change, so that made him want to find his brother and son. After all the traveling, he finally got to meet with his brother John. John has moved from Ndotsheni because as he said, “Down in Ndotsheni I am nobody… Here in Johannesburg I am a man of some importance, of some influence.” (Paton, p.66) Everything was going perfectly fine until John had spoken up about church. He said, “I do not wish to offend you gentlemen, but the Church too is like the chief.” (Paton, p. 67) In that quote, John is basically saying that Church overrated in Johannesburg. Going to church means that you have to obtain certain rules and follow them and no one in Johannesburg does that

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