Cry, the Beloved Country Essay

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Cry, the Beloved Country Cry, the Beloved country is not only about South Africa in the 1940s, its about all situations around the world. There are people today in many countries that can be compared to the characters in the book. People act based on their beliefs. Some are afraid to speak up like John Kumalo, others act selflessly such as Arthur Jarvis. Supporters of religion remain faithful as they go through hard times, as Rev. Stephen Kumalo did. Some wealthy donate to the less fortunate when they owe them nothing, just like James Jarvis. These facts remain true in all parts of the world, sometimes on a smaller and less extreme scale than with situations in the book. As explained in the following paragraphs, the characters in this book represent people around the world faced with problems and how they respond to them. John Kumalo is much like Nelson Mandela. The government also threatened to throw Nelson Mandela in jail if he said anything too controversial. Like John Kumalo, he was a powerful politician who could persuade people to follow him and rebel against the government. However, John Kumalo was too worried about losing his money and power to speak out. Nelson Mandela spoke out in spite of his fears and was convicted of plotting an overthrow of the government. He was imprisoned for 18 years and consistently refused to back down even when it would gain his own freedom. This shows that governments can be just as harsh as they were in the book. Another important character in the book, James Jarvis, has a lot in common with Jimmy Carter. James Jarvis was a white man that owed nothing to the villagers. He helped because he thought it would be selfish not to help. He made a commitment to the village and its people. Although it cost him money and the respect of some white men he helped restore the village. Jimmy Carter acted in the same way when

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