Cry, the Beloved Country Essay

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Final Draft What breaks in a man that makes him, get up and leave his family for the bright lights of a great city? Cry, The Beloved Country, written by Alan Paton in 1948, is a novel written about the life of a black man in the middle of the Apartied, in South Africa. John and Stephen Kumalo have very different opinions on why tribal culture is depleting but I believe the power of the white people are too blame for the broken tribe. Stephen blames the decay of the tribal culture on the broken people, broken homes, and the allure of big cities. The bright lights of the great city will and always will attract people, who will get lost in the brightness of the lights of fame and people. ”His son had gone astray in the great city, where so many others would go astray after him, until there was found some great secret that as yet no man had discovered.” The great city is taking people away from the tribes, forcing the tribal population in decline. The bright city lights break the tribe as well as the people belonging to it. ”What broke in a man when he could bring himself to kill another.” When a man is so broken in society and desperate, the man may never know what he will do. On the contrary some people live in the slow, tribal life as to where many people thrive in the bright lights and fast-paced culture of a big city. John argues that the new society in Johannesburg is better than tribal cities in small villages because of increased opportunities and freedom. The big city offers more opportunities and more openings to where a man, of a small village could thrive and become of some importance. ”Here in Johannesburg I am a man of some importance, of some influence.” Johannesburg offers people of little or no background to opportunities that they would never have gotten in the tribe. Now that a man is out of the tribal life, he may now rule himself. ”At least I am

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