Cry the Beloved Country Essay

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Cry the Beloved Country Essay: Stephan Kumalo and James Jarvis each undergo a type of enlightenment after their tragic experiences involving each of their sons. Kumalo's son, Absalom who has been convicted of murder is sentenced to death. Jarvis' son, Arthur is killed by Absalom un-intentionally during a robbery. I believe both have them have suffered great losses, but at the same time has granted them a more open minded conscience to the world around them. I believe that although Absaloms death was indeed a tragedy for Stephan Kumalo and his family, that James Jarvis has changed the most from his experience of his sons death. Stephan Kumalo is the main character in Cry the Beloved Country. He is a humble god fearing man, who knows the difference between what is right and what is wrong. Kumalo is a priest at the church in his village. He lives a quiet life with his wife in their home, and to their village standards live a middle-class life. Kumalo goes to Johannesburg where he is overwhelmed by the larger city and sets on a mission to find his son Absalom. Kumalo's physical and mental health start to deteriorate on this exhausting journey. One clue leads to another in the whereabouts of Absalom, starting as a factory worker, to a burglar, to being in a reformatory to being a killer. Kumalo is in disbelief of the man who his son has become, the little boy he raised has taken a severe detour in his life down a spiral path. Kumalo finally comes face to face with Absalom after he is arrested and now in prison. Kumalo realizes how much distance has grown between them and how they are almost strangers to each other. During Absalom's trial, Kumalo begins to rekindle the former bond he and his son used to have, when Absalom is finally convicted you can tell that Absalom yearned for his father in chapter 29, because the guards had to pull Absalom from his

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