Cry The Beloved Country Essay

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English Thursday November 10th, 2011 Cry the beloved country by Alon Paton gives us a great image of how location is important is important in the development and behaviors of people. This is shown clearly throughout the book. The city Johannesburg and the villge of Ndotshni are the two rural and urban areas that the book talks about. They have distinct features and different people. They directly inference how the person will be. People of Ndotsheni : Ndotsheni is a village located in the natal province of eastern South Africa. Ndotsheni is simply beautiful and is largely rural with some of the most beautiful vistas and landscape in African. Ndotsheni is simply described as “where you stand the grass is rich and matted, you cannot see the soil. But the rich green hills break down. They fall to hthe valley below, and falling, change their nature. For they grow and bare; they cannot hold the rain and msit, and the streams are dry in the kloofs. To many cattle feed upon the grass, and to many fires burned it….the titihoya does not cry anymore here” (p.3) Ndotsheni is a simple place that is composed of mostly black people. These people live there live for their tribe and for the life of their neighborhood. In the village of Ndotsheni the people care about their religion and are very diverse with the religions of others. There is no such thing as racism nor segregation in Ndotsheni. The white and blacks work together. They are willing to help and support anyone that come into there village and are always setting good examples. The villagers are living their life to the fullest they do not want to know what’s going on in the city of Johannesburg. Even though the people of Johannesburg do not receive the best education they do everything they need to do to feed themselves, have shelter, and wear proper clothing attires. They are not as advanced as the people of

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