Cry The Beloved Country

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Braden Welsh Professor Carl Holland Sociology September 10, 2011 Values After recently watching the movie Cry The Beloved Country it was hard to limit down to just two values. Humanitarianism and morality was overall I believe the best I could use to relate the two subjects. The second value was much tougher to choose than first that I had to spend a few days pondering around weighing different options in order to choose the best possible value. Freedom and liberty ended up being my other point the elaborate on. A Humanitarian is a person who strives to make the lives of others better than what they are. When I read that I immediately thought of both Father Kumalo and Father Msimangu. The entire movie they chased something that as the story got deeper became more and more unsure. After he found out his sister had been selling her body through prostitution he went on to find her and send her back home to where she could be safe. After finding his sister he then began the journey of finding his lost son that he had no communication with in a very extended period of time. As they went from place to place they would tally up a new clue but less promising safety of Absolom. I respect the perseverance of Father Kumalo but the amount of selflessness shown by Msimangu . It is truly amazing that someone could stop his life and devote it to something he has no idea about in order to help a complete stranger out. Understanding this logic is very difficult, but also made me believe even stronger in my position. After realizing the trouble Absolom had gotten into, one would think tensions would rise, but the relationship grew stronger between father and son. Forgiveness must have been a tough thing to come by after a mans son had been murdered by a society determined less superior race, but James Jarvis eventually becomes humble with the situation and allows

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