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cryDominique Peralta 09/03/14 Reading and Writing 12th Grade Summer Reading Cry, The Beloved Country By Alan Paton 1. Setting “Cry, The Beloved Country” by Alan Paton was and still is a great inspiration in South Africa’s history. Alan Paton based his book on the struggles in South Africa during the 1940s. Even though Paton was not in South Africa when he wrote the novel, he is from Natal, South Africa which greatly influenced his reason for writing about the South African social and racial struggles. The story takes place in numerous locations in South Africa such as Ixopo Ndotsheni and Johannesburg. The novel takes place in 1948. 2. Main Characters The main characters include: 1. Stephen Kumalo, a native umfundisi (priest), that journeys to the infamous Johannesburg to bring his sister and son home. He lives in Ixopo Ndotsheni, South Africa and he doesn’t have a lot of money. He and his wife have been saving money up to get a new stove and new robes. He receives a letter that says that his sister is sick. His son went to go get Kumalo’s sister but never returned. Kumalo has to use all of the saved up money to take a train and for other traveling expenses to find his sister and son. 2. Msimangu, a priest, sends Kumalo a letter about his sister being sick. He helps him search for Kumalo’s sister and son. Sister 3. Gertrude is Kumalo’s sister. She has a son and she is in the beer brewing and prostitution business. Gertrude gets a lot of men and she enjoys it. She doesn’t really take care of her son that well so eventually Kumalo agrees to take care of his nephew. 4. Absalom, Kumalo’s son, has been working and living everywhere. Kumalo and Msimangu follow the trail of Absalom to find him. Absalom gets a girl pregnant and agrees to marry her. 3. Minor Characters The minor characters include: 1. Mrs. Lithebe is a

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