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The Effects of Corruption In Alan Paton’s novel Cry, the Beloved Country corruption is a part of everyday life in Johannesburg. This life style is forced upon the blacks by the rich whites which leads to poverty and crime. Slums have ravaged the city and entrapped many blacks in the terrible conditions. These conditions have led to the people becoming corrupted as well. The Kumalo Brothers, Gertrude, and Absalom were impacted by the corruption of Johannesburg.. Eventually John Kumalo, who lived in Ndotsheni with his brother, Steven Kumalo, moved to Johannesburg while his brother stayed in the village. John became a carpenter and worked his way up to become a respected politician. From spending time in the city, John lost the ways his village. He stopped writing to his brother because he believed that the village does not understand the way of Johannesburg. Steven Kumalo proved this by saying, “When people go Johannesburg they do not come back. They do not even write any more.” (39) John Kumalo soon began to loose his faith in God once he moved to the city. He even stopped going to church, which is one of the main customs of their village. Near the end of the book John Kumalo even decided to turn on his own nephew and told his son to save himself in the case. John tells explains to his brother, “You see, my brother, there is no proof that my son or this young man was there at all.” (134) This shows the ultimate change in John Kumalo because of the corruption surrounding the city. Gertrude was another character greatly affected by the corruption of Johannesburg. As her brother, Stephen Kumalo and Gertrude grew up together in the village of Ndotsheni before moving to Johannesburg to find Absalom. Kumalo also lost contact with his daughter. When Kumalo first went to the city his first priority was to find Gertrude. He found her in the

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