Crusades, Pope Urban Essay

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Why does Pope Urban II call on the Crusade? Jerusalem was and still is a very important city to both the Muslims and the Christians. Pilgrims of the Christianity faith and the Muslim faith both travelled to the city to worship there. Jerusalem was ruled by the Arab Muslims who were very excepting and prepared to let Christians visit the city which made things run a lot more nicely and smoothly. After capturing and taking over Syria, Persia, and Egypt, Muslims from turkey eventually defeated the eastern emperor at manzikert in 1071, and then just 5 years later captured Jerusalem. After the 11th century, the Turks began to move westwards from central Asia looking for new pastures for their herds. The Turkish Muslims didn’t really agree with Christian pilgrims visiting the holy land and treated them not very nice at all. Because of this constant mistreatment and violence the Christians became very angry, and made the Eastern Emperor, Alexius I, was very worried. The Turks had already began to capture parts of his empire. Always getting closer the Turks were just 100 miles from the capital of Constantinople. So this lead to Alexius asking for help from pope Gregory to fight them. Unfortunately pope Gregory was unable to help, but the following pope, pope urban II, was very keen to help. Launched by pope urban, with the primary goal of responding to an appeal from Byzantine Emperor Alexius I Komnenos, the first crusade was a military expedition by western Christianity to regain the holy lands taken in the Muslim conquest of the Levant ultimately resulting in the recapture of Jerusalem. Pope urban thought that it would be a good idea to get all men from the Christian world to travel to the east the fight the Turks. This would have helped Alexius, but Pope Urban actually really wanted, was to win back the holy city of Jerusalem from the Muslims. He made an

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