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THE CRUSADES By: Patrick Downpoop Professor Schlomann 17 October 2011 INTRODUCTION When an individual thinks of Christianity it is more than likely that one of the thoughts that cross their mind is the Crusades which occurred over in Europe. While most people will think of the Crusades as being simple fights between knights and Muslims there was a much deeper rooted issues at hand. The first was the issue of religious rule and the second is that of regional rule. Both the Christians and the Muslims wanted to have ultimate power over both which led to the Crusades. In this paper I will attempt to discover why the Crusades began, what where the motives, and have the Crusades furthered the cause of Christ. HISTORY The Crusades started during the time of the Middle Ages. The reason for the Crusades was to start war with the Muslims over the Holy Lands. Christians wanted to regain…show more content…
The Byzantine Empire was in a battle with the Muslims and desperately wanted help. As stated before the main goal of both parties was to have control over the Holy Land of Israel. The Holy Land had significant meaning to both Christians and Muslims because they both believed this land to be at the center of their faith and beliefs. The Muslims viewed the Holy Land as the center of their faith. The Muslims believed that this is where the ascension of the prophet Mohammad who was the prophet for Allah. The Holy Land is significant to Christians because this is where the Biblical prophets of the Old Testament prophesied of Christ coming, but most importantly this is where Christ did all of His earthly ministry. The final straw which brought about the start of the Crusades was when Jerusalem was overtaken by Muslim Turks who slaughtered 3000 Christians. This event lead down to a path which would be known as the starting block for the

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