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Critical Lens Essay A Greek philosopher once stated “…men are the mercy of events and cannot control them.” This statement means that humanity rests in the hands of a changing spiral of events in which absolutely no one has any control over anything, no man can control their faith. This statement agrees with both The Crucible by Arthur Miller and Black Boy by Richard Wright. In Black Boy, the main character Richard is placed in a world where the true problem of racism is not simply that it exists, but that its roots in American culture are so deep it is doubtful whether these roots can be destroyed without destroying the culture itself. Richard is faced with problems dealing with racism, violence, and hunger throughout the novel. One example that Richard was forced to deal with was the Jim Crow Laws, these laws withheld blacks from society, breaking them apart from whites and making it very hard for them to live an even close to normal life. The first one would have to be an incident with Shorty. Shorty has dealt with racism his whole life, and he has learned to deal with it as he has grown. Racism is something that cannot be controlled and holds most of what the message is trying to get across in Black Boy. For example Uncle Hoskins had dealt a tragic way from the powers of racism. He was a man just trying to make his own in this world. Minding his own business, trying to run his own business so he could support his family. We see that he owes some money to some white people, it seems to play a part at the time of his killing, but if you look deeper you see that the most significant reason for him being lynched was that he was a somewhat successful black man, and the white people didn’t like that. One incident when Richard faced his society was something he couldn’t control, when he was shopping in a convenience

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