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Crusader of Copenhagen Deividas and Pavlik Table of Contents Foreword 3 Value Chain – primary activities 3 Inbound logistics 3 Operation 3 Outbound logistics 3 Sales and marketing 3 Service 3 Value chain – support activities 4 Firm infrastructure 4 Human recourse management 4 Procurement 4 Problems and solutions 4 Tactical steps 4 Strategic steps 5 Order winner – order qualifier 5 Order qualifier: 5 Order winner: 5 Foreword We going to analyse Crusader of Copenhagen (CoC) case. As we can see from CoC case they are well growing jewellery company since 1970’s. But they use to have some problems with inbound logistics and quality control of received goods. We also found some tactical and strategic issues which can be improved. Well we know that CoC’s aim to rich people because they are producing expensive products. So quality require most of our attention. In another hand to have a good quality we need more time. To have best solutions and ideas how to improve CoC we start to analyse Value Chain primary and support activities. Value Chain – primary activities Inbound logistics Optimum purchase size - Every week they are receiving around 400,000 pieces of goods. Like sunglasses, watches and jewellery. There is around 50 cases with 345.710 earrings. And they are not sure that those earrings are exactly what they need. Material flow – We can assume that they receive raw materials. Inbound transport – Goods are transported by ships and planes. Quality control – They don’t have quality control. Goods storing – All received goods are storing in warehouse in Svendborg. Svendborg warehouse has 2000m2 size witch are not enough for received goods. Operation Operation control – We can assume that they have low control of operation. Production processes – Individual shop are making an orders by email or

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