Crusade Essay

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The crusades were military expeditions in the name of the church, the ultimate goal was to recapture the Holy Land from the Muslims. Palestine or the “Holy Land” were important to Christians because it was the region where Jesus lived. Regardless of the result, religion was always the primary trigger for the crusades. The extent to which religion played a role varied. For example, in the first crusade attention was focused solely on ridding the “Holy Land” of Muslim forces. All the people that took part in the crusades were convinced that it was for the church and was completely necessary for Christianity. The crusades also had another perspective of them and that was to what extent were the crusades about political, economic, or other “worldly” things. After the underlying motivation of religion came the motivation of worldly things. All land conquered in the crusades was to be given to the Byzantine empire. However, the Byzantine empire was disappointed in how the first crusade was handled by the west and was not enthusiastic for the crusades’ that followed. After the first crusade a reappearing factor was that the west just wanted the political control over territories. It was finalized when the west sacked the city of Christendom. The main aggressor in the crusades was Pope Urban II he heard the Byzantine plea for help against the Muslims. The pope had all the power in this time and could call upon the Christians for this duty. Overall it seem the Muslims was the winner of the crusades. The Christians only solid defeat was the first

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