Crumb Of Dust

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The Crumb Of Dust Edward Taylor’s message to the reader speaks a Puritan based respect for God; and an understanding that without His divine inspiration, Taylor’s work is worthless and unfit to praise God. Taylor is constantly talking to God throughout Prologue. It is the basis of the poem which displays Taylor’s devotion as a Puritan. His puritan background is important for the reader to understand, both why Taylor wrote Prologue and the meaning behind it. Puritan influence meant two things; there wasn’t much else Taylor would’ve been doing other than writing poems and that he had extreme devotion to God. His shows the deep connection Taylor has with God “Lord can…”(line 1). He makes biblical reference in line 16 which displays the impact of puritan influence “Unto an Edge of Zion’s Precious Stone.” Taylor understands how superior God is and makes it clear for the reader by using metonymy to compare himself to God “I am this crumb of dust…”(line 13). According to Taylor, the only purpose he has is to praise God, and to do it through his writing “which is designed/ To make my Pen unto Thy Praise alone” (line 13-14). However, Taylor knows he is inadequate to write anything without divine inspiration from God. With no inspiration, Taylor demonstrates through anaphora how in the end, he would produce nothing worth reading “It would but blot and blur, yea, jag, and jar/ Unless Thou mak’st the Pen, and Scrivener”(line 11-12). This is an important point from Taylor to the reader because it is the essence of the poem. The only way Taylor could produce any acceptable piece of writing is by the influence of God “Inspire this crumb of dust” (line 21). He must be content, in the end to trust God that He will prove Himself through Taylor’s writing and make Himself “shine as flowers on Stems/ Or as in Jewelry Shops, do gems”(line

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