Cruise Paper

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Although many people think cruises are all the same, each cruise offers a unique experience. Different destinations make each cruise special in its own way. Climate, scenery, and shore excursions vary dramatically depending on the location. Travelers to Alaska get a different perspective than those going to the Bahamas. First, the hot Bahamian climate makes you want to shed your clothes. The sun shines all the time and the warm air feels like a soft quilt wrapped around your body. Alaska, on the other hand, chills tourists even in the hottest part of summer. The sun rarely peeks through the clouds and the cold wind seems to follow you everywhere. Second, sparkling blue waters and shimmering white beaches welcome visitors to the Bahamas. On shore, one is surrounded by colorful clothing, exotic music, and beautiful flowers. Alaska however, thrills you with majestic green mountains dotted with waterfalls. Icy glaciers are an interesting sight to see. With their odd shape, people will be left in awe. As your tour of Alaska continues, you will see unique wildlife. Whales, Bald Eagles, and bears tend to be the most common animals you would see. Third, activities in the Bahamas consist of swimming with dolphins, shopping, and gallivanting around the Atlantis Resort. Alaska offers panning for gold and taking a tram up to the top of Mt. Roberts. Dog sledding is the most popular attraction. People may even get to play with the puppies! In conclusion, though the ship experience is the same, the temperature, the view, and on land adventures have different things to offer. Overall, either cruise would be a lovely one to go
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