Cruelty of Slavery in the Narrartive of Frederick Douglass

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“I am naturally anti-slavery. If slavery is not wrong, nothing is wrong” (Abraham Lincoln). Lincoln is depicting that if a crisis such as slavery is recognized as just, then what is unjust. The slave, Frederick Douglass, in the book The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, talks about how the dehumanization of slavery which broke the slaves both mentally and physically. The acts of slavery shows how black people are regarded as inferior. Without a doubt, slavery is inhumane and should be abolished. Slaves are subjected to several different aspects of inhumane treatment every day. They are expected to work from sunrise to sundown, through any type of weather conditions, to remain working and are expected to pick the same results with no exceptions. Douglass states “it was never too hot or too cold, it never rained, blow, hail, or snow too hard for us to work in the field. The longest days were too short for him, and the shortest nights were too long for him”. Not only do slaves have to work through a variety of weather conditions, but are also expected to be up and working before sunrise to after sunset. Providing the slaves with minimum sleep and leading them into becoming sleep deprived. Even though the slave masters would know of this complication, it would even bother him. They would expect than their maximum input will result in a severe flogging of the whip. Some slaves aren’t so fortunate with whipped but according to the white masters, are only punishable by death. Douglass recalled a moment of his past of a little slave named Demby, who happen to be getting whipped due to his lack of work. He states “He had given Demby but a few stripes… to get rid of the scourging, he ran and plunged himself into the creek.. Mr. Gore gave him 3 calls, the first call was given, Demby made no response… The second and third call was given… then without no
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