The Crucible - Character Weaknesses

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Throughout The Crucible, Arthur Miller gives many of the characters characteristic weaknesses that we see very commonly in people today, as did people back in Salem-times. The character that makes the entire story happen, Abagail Williams, was a very jealous woman, as she “wanted” John Proctor but could not have him, as he was married. Although she was well aware of this fact, she had herself convinced that John was her man because of the sexual activities that had taken place a while back. She could have overcome this jealousy by accepting the truth; John was married, and adultery was both a very serious crime and morally wrong. Her failure to accept this resulted in endless false accusations and court hearings, ultimately causing the execution of many, many of people. A character that was less noticed in the story was Thomas Putnam. This man had fallen victim to greed. He wanted more and more land (the more the merrier!). Unfortunately, this greed also killed some people; His goal was to get as much land as possible by nearly any means possible. This meant that he accused his neighbors of being witches so they would be gone and their land would be up-for-grabs, which would allow him to essentially grow his land onto theirs. He could have overcome this greed by asking himself “How would I feel if I knew I were wrongfully going to be killed just so some other guy can get my land?” Like Abagail, he also failed to come to his senses and ended up causing the deaths of some more people. Lastly, Judge Hawthorne had a lot of pride, too much pride. Being the Judge for the Salem witch trials, his word was considered law. He came to realize that the girls that could supposedly detect witches were in fact just acting. If he had publicly acknowledged this, his reputation would be ruined because a group of little girls had outsmarted him. He chose to keep a good face over
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