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Crucible Essay

  • Submitted by: unsungxlegend
  • on May 20, 2008
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In Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible”, a whole village is put through trials and tribulations that essentially turn their lives upside-down. Few survived through these tests and even fewer kept their pride and dignity until the end; John Proctor is one of them. Proctor is found in the center of all the action in “The Crucible”. He has to balance his situation with Abigail and his wife with the chance that both he and his wife are facing the end of both their Christian and mortal lives. Proctor does this, however, and in the end he is seen with his pride and dignity still intact.
John Proctor had started out in the book as someone who had something to hide. He, at some point, had had an affair with Abigail Williams, who became the mastermind behind all of the town’s witchery and destruction. However, Elizabeth Proctor, John’s wife, had found out about this affair, and, in an effort to show her that he only loves her, John had since “gone tiptoe in [their] house all seven month since…” (Act II, pg 54). Once he hears about Betty’s condition, he soon finds himself in town and in a room with Abigail, no less. It is in this very moment when he sets Abigail straight and tells her that he “may think of [her] softly from time to time. But [he] will cut off [his] hand before [he ever reaches for her] again.”(Act I, pg 23). It is at this point when Abigail begins to target Elizabeth Proctor as she is “blackening [Abigail’s] name in the village [.]” (Act I, pg 23). This is when the wheels of destruction began turning in Abigail’s mind. She loves John Proctor so much that she is more than willing to take his wife out of the picture completely. This does not work too well with John, because he has done nothing but try to gain his wife’s trust back over the seven months that he has kept away from the village. Later on, as more and more townspeople were being condemned for witchery, a man named Mr. Hale visits the Proctors’ home. He is a minister brought in from another town and has...

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