Crucible Essay

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Alternative Ending Script: The Crucible Narrator: Proctor notices that Abigail was missing, so he wanted to go look after her. After he talks to the judge he goes to the next town and finds her sitting there. Proctor: I can prove to you that all of this was a makeup! I just need to find Abigail. Judge: Okay … I’ll give you two days to bring her back here to Salem. Proctor: No worries, I’ll bring her back tonight. Judge: So what’s the plan? Proctor: I’m going to convince her to come back to my house. Judge: But how will you convince her? Proctor: I don’t know but I’ll figure it out! Be waiting in my house tonight, stay hidden and you’ll catch everything you want to here! Judge: Are you sure this will work? Proctor: Oh Definitely! Proctor goes into the next town over. He see’s Abby sitting there all alone. Proctor: I’ve been looking for you Abby. Abigail: Have you? I thought you were dying for your stupid wife! Proctor: No! She can rot in that jail for all I care! I came for you my love. Abigail: Really? John I knew you’d come to your senses. Proctor: Yes! I love you Abigail! I was wrong about it all. I want you not Elizabeth! Abigail: Have you been drinking or something? I cannot believe my ears. Proctor: No I said I love you. Now come back to Salem with me and be my new wife! Abigail: Yes John. We can have our own house, start having kids, and – Proctor: But my dear Abigail we will only do these things if you tell me what really happened and how everyone was accused with witchcraft. Abigail: I will but first let’s get a house of our own! Proctor: We can’t just yet, but let’s go back to my house. The two go back to Salem, in proctor’s house. Abigail: I cannot believe this happening! Proctor: Me either. It’s a dream come true! So Abby tell me please as you make me some tea. Abigail: As you wish. So it all started when one night we

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