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The crucible Essay

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  • on November 25, 2008
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‘The Crucible is not a powerfully dramatic play? Do You Agree’
The Crucible: written in 1950’s set in Salem, North coast of America the play is based on events that occurred during the Salem witch trials between February 1692 and May 1693. When Miller wrote the play most Americans believed in ‘ The American Dream’   everyone has the chance to be happy, successful and rich if they worked hard.The US were in the middle of the cold war with the Soviet Union (a communist country), but some people thought that the US had been infilterated by communists. Arthur Miller was a communist; communists were one of the 3 groups on the political spectrum which split up the US, communists believed that everyone owns and shares control of the methods of production and everyone works as much as they can and claims what they need. So Miller used these witch trials as an allegory for the McCarthyism and the Red scare. This makes the play more interesting as the witch trials are being linked to more modern times, so people will understand how others felt in the witchtrial as well as the Red scare of the communists. On the other hand, people who were Capitalists at the time which who believe in a system based on private ownerships of property,buisness and industry with the aim of making the greatest possible profits for success. organisation and people; would disagree with the play as Arthur Miller has written the book based on the communists feelings, for example the bit in the play as he makes the charctor ‘Giles Corey’ seem like a good heartened man as he worked all the time so he could claim and look after his own family. This is the exact role of a good communist so capatilists will be thinking that the charactors are wrong for wanting there own land and it just defeats the whole object of the play.
        In my essay I am going to talk about the dramatic and undramatic effects Arthur Miller uses focusing on the charactors, setting, language and action.

Firstly Im going to...

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