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Crucible Essay

  • Submitted by: bobbydefangus
  • on September 16, 2008
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Encountering Conflict SAC
Prompt: ‘Conflict brings out unexpected qualities in people’.

Although conflict is so often associated with difficulty and suffering, it is clear that through these debacles and controversy that it brings out unexpected and even surprising qualities in people. In The Crucible written by Arthur Miller, Arthur uses three very good characters to demonstrate and manifest the conflict in the story, and to show the readers how underlying qualities are evident in people.
John Proctor, a man of pride and dignity, is what we think off him. But it is only through all the turmoil and conflict that we actually realise that he has many unforeseen traits.   Proctor gets accused of witchcraft and is up for trial. He is a farmer and village commoner and also has a wife and 3 children. He believes that because he is a good and noble person he cannot be hanged and die a victim of the witch trials. Butt latter on as we see the hidden qualities in him he says to his wife Elizabeth that “my honesty is broke, Elizabeth; I am no good man. Nothing’s spoiled by giving them this lie that were not rotten long before” and rather just confess than die for something he really didn’t do. Proctor does confess but he can not allow Danforth to make it officially documented. Danforth asks him why and John answered him with a cry “because it is my name. Because I cannot have another in my life... how may I live without my name? Have given you my soul; leave me my name”. Proctor feels passionate about having a good name, rather than dying with a bad one. He weighs up both sides of his internal conflict and realizes that he can’t make another mistake, akin to when he had the affair with Abigail. Because of this he literally sentences himself to death, but not for his own sake, but for the sake of the others. It is this one instance that really stands outs and shows us that he has very strong values, that otherwise would not be known, if it weren’t for the chaos going on...

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