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The Crucible Essay

  • Submitted by: nancyAJ
  • on July 17, 2008
  • Category: English
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Below is an essay on "The Crucible" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

The Crucible is a very momentous story in history. The story may have been exaggerated a bit, but it was a true account in American history. When I had finished reading the book and watching the movie, I had concluded that the movie was more powerful. The movie had done a great job explaining the story in depth and making it much easier to comprehend. The movie had given a more descriptive out look on certain events. There where 2 specific events that were more impacting in the movie than the book. The first of the events, were the trials. All of the trials were great benefactors to the movie. Just seeing how the accused had no way of really defending themselves, it really let you in on how horrible it would be to be accused. Also the movie portraying how the trials went was more affective than in the book, because we saw how quick each trail was and how they had no real evidence against them. And it was the word of the “witch/wizard” against the “girls directed by God”, which would be a biased decision in a very religious town. It was proof of what chance they truly had of not being found guilty of witchcraft, slim to none. Also the movie gave faces to the characters which let you feel the expressions on their faces when they were sent for hanging, accused, or just affected by the whole ordeal. A second event that helped the movie depict a more powerful version of the story was when John Proctor was to hang. This event was more intense and real in the movie, than it was in the book. Seeing John sign the testimony on him being affiliated with the Devil, even though he wasn’t, was powerful. And then he ended up ripping the paper after begging for his name was so influential, to everyone who was convicted. It also showed what was truly at stake, human dignity. I believe the movie had a more powerful influence on me, with all the heart wrenching events it had made it a great story in American history.

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