Crt 205 Week 1 Essay

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A decision I have made that was influenced by bias would be when I decided to move out and it backfired on me. The decision was made when I was just out of high school and I was almost positive that I could make it on my own working a part time job. While weighing out the pros and cons of moving out, I decided to take on this large task. When I was thinking about it, I looked at the amount going out, such as rent, car payment and insurance, all utilities and food and gas. What I didn’t look at was being able to support the other necessities such as clothing, furniture which wasn’t really a small thing but needed, and supplies involved with cleaning. Not being able to make those purchases needed to make it and not being aware, I took what I owned and decided to start this new venture. The move went great as I took my truck and trailer and loaded up the stuff I owned without even thinking about pricing other furniture needed. Once everything was moved in, I started looking for stuff to fill the gaps in my apartment. That is where it went downhill. Finding out the pricing of these things made the decision to move out so soon a little premature. I chose the backfire effect for my topic because it was the best and not so smart decision I made in my life as all people have done at least once or twice. It was hard to swallow my pride and move back home, but it was the best decision at the time and made me a better person in the end. Being able to go back and save a little and be able to afford the things I needed to fill the apartment made the next move so much easier and long
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