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Computer Access in Trinidad Village Yonni Cawich Caribbean Development (CRS 102-3) Mr. Arturo Acosta November 18, 2009 Introduction Research Topic/Problem Computer Access in Trinidad Village Research Objectives Problem Statement Computer access in Trinidad village is becoming a major problem because students have a need for it and it is scarce. This research explores on whether or not students are affected by not having access to computers and how they are affected by not having it. Research Questions How are they affected? How can the problem be solved? Literature Review In the other hand, those students who don’t have access to computers tend to have a lot of problems at school. One major problem at school could be the handing of assignments. At schools today teachers make a demand for everything to be typewritten. If the student does not have access to a computer he may not be able to do his assignment in the best way possible. He may be faced with two options to either do it handwritten or receive a miserable grade or to just don’t do it and receive no grade. This may bring down his grade even though he performs well in the tests at school. This may be a reason students get affected by not having access to computers. He may have fewer chances to achieve his education. Theoretically motivated that “kids with home computers are more likely to graduate” Robert Fairlie, associate professor of economics at UCSC, in the USA, decided to carry a research to prove his theory. He took samples from students of every sex, race and age on the on Santa Cruz, California. Using a questionnaire with questions relating their computer usage he managed to gather a number of important findings. He proved that teenagers who have access to home computers are 6 to 8 percentage points more likely
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