Crow The Only Plains Indian Tribe Summary

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Did you know that the Crow are the only Plains Indian tribe that did not fight the United States Army? If you did not know this, you more than likely do not know about the Crow’s origins or history. This paper should give you that information. The Crow were part of another tribe, the Hidatsa. According to Ruth Hagman, “In the late fifteen-hundreds, the Crow broke away from the Hidatsa, who were farmers” (5). Hagman also adds that “The Crow became buffalo, or bison, hunters. They followed the buffalo herds” (6). This is somewhat ironic due to the fact that the Hidatsa had made a transition “from being nomads to living [and farming] in one area” (Doherty 4). Doherty mentions that “Tobacco was the only crop the Crow grew, and it was grown…show more content…
They brought diseases like smallpox and measles that the Crow had no resistance to. The Crow often had no idea that the traders were ill, since the Europeans had built up immunity to the disease. A single outbreak could often wipe out whole villages of Indians. Wood remarks, “The Crows, however, soon learned how to contain an outbreak. Whenever someone became infected, the Crows split into smaller groups that then scattered in different directions. In this way, some groups were able to isolate themselves from a virus” (29). In the 1850s and the years after the civil war, more and more people were moving west into Indian Territory. This caused other Indian tribes, such as the Lakota, to advance on the Crow’s hunting territory. At the same time, white settlers were moving into the Crow’s territory. This caused food and game to become scarce, especially since many of the whites shot hundreds of buffalo for sport and then just left the carcasses to rot. Then in 1851 the United States military forced all of the Crow to move onto a small reservation in the same

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