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Crossing the Wire Crossing the Wire is a realistic fictional story about a 15 year old boy named Victor who heads north from Mexico in an attempt to cross the boarder into the United States. He needed to find a job to send money home to his mother, sisters, and his younger brother to help recover their failing crop. Victor struggles to cross the boarder by putting his life in the hands of smugglers, drug runners, getting shot by the boarder patrol, surviving in frigid mountains, the extreme heat of the desert, and starvation. His best friend Rico suggested to him to cross the boarder and get a job in the U.S., since he was planning on doing the same. Victor was willing to sacrifice himself for his struggling family. The main issue was he had little money to pay smugglers to sneak him across the boarder. Victor had to rely on himself to cross the boarder which made it much more difficult. Victor had become use to hitching rides by sneaking on trains, and trucks to smuggle him across the boarder. He dealt with extreme conditions such as frigid nights with no shelter, scorching heat in the days, long hikes, and had to rely on nature for food and, had to make critical decisions as to who to trust and to assist him over the boarder. Victor ends up at several dead ends because of unreliable sources. For a short time he had to work part time at a local stand selling goods for a low wage to so that he could eat. Victor finally became more stable and was able to move on to a new job cutting asparagus all day for minimum wage, and sent the cash he had earned to his family in Mexico. He put his life in danger to support his family and allow them to recover their crop and to go on with their

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