Crossing the Threshold

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Unit 3 Project: Crossing the Threshold CM 107-04 The Courage of Dorothy from “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” Courage has many different meaning to people. For some it means to finally get on that roller coaster. For others, it could mean walking into a room full of strangers. Ultimately, it’s the ability to face the unknown, with the inter thoughts of knowing, it can be done. Dorothy, from “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” did just that. She had the courage to face her fears of being in a strange place without her aunt and uncle. Not knowing how to get back home, Dorothy made the decision that she had to do whatever it took to get back home. She started by taking one step at a time on the yellow brick road. By overcoming her fears, she was able to reach her mark and to help others along the way to do the same as she. When Dorothy was awaken from her sleep to see that she was in some strange place with only her dog, she was terrified. That did not stop her. She gather herself together and her dog and began walking down the yellow brick road, to find her way back home. She came upon many strangers along the way, she was frighten of them all, but faced them by taking courage, and asking them if they knew the way back to Kansas. None of them knew, but all offered to go with her to ask the great Oz because he knew everything. As they embarked on their journey to Emerald City to see OZ, many trial and tribulations were laid in front of Dorothy, and with each one, her courage grew and grew. When she finally reached Oz, she realized that she didn’t need his great wisdom to help her get back home. All that she needed was within herself and she only need to reach deep to pull it out. This realization came, because of all that she had gone through and the determination of not giving up. Crossing that threshold of not giving up, persevering, staying on course, no matter
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