Crossing the Line Essay

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This isolation made the time impossible to comprehend. Sitting in this dark, cold place made it impossible to focus...And that’s all I wanted. How could I remember if I couldn’t concentrate? These voices…these strange men…what was I doing here? “ADMIT WHAT YOU DID, YOU LITTLE BRAT!!!!” Little brat…little brat…where…why? It’s like I’m trapped inside two cells, one that holds me physically for crimes I am indebted to and the other, stronger one that cannot let go of my soul. If I could just focus, concentrate, maybe what happened could find me again… “You’re late,” he said as I shuffled into the blood red Camaro eagerly leaning in to kiss him. His fierce expression stopped me and for a second I sat there quietly. Something was wrong. I could feel it in the car, hovering and smothering the car like a black veil. “You’re late,” he said again with an eerie conviction. Tension illuminated the air and I could see his raven black hair frizzing because of it. I wanted to say something. I really did but what could I say? My coach held me back? We both knew that nothing I said would stop whatever it was that was coming. Not knowing what to do, I looked into his eyes begging for forgiveness, begging for love, begging for something, but nothing came. His cold gray eyes bored into mine, freezing my insides. “I SAID YOU’RE LATE!” Immediately, his thick hands came at my face like a boxer, attacking anything in its path. There were no breaks. He slapped and he punched. He kicked and he pinched. But if there’s one thing I’ll never forget, it was those sharp scratches. He was a furious cat using his venomous claws to slash my flesh like the deep hits of hail against a baby’s skin. “Answer me you little brat! Where were you?” His anger spared no hurt. His words and blows seemed to resonate over and over again blinding me with unforgiving hate. No matter how hard I tried, I
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