Crossing Over: Immigrants And Refugees

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Renia Laguerre Dr. Stephenson Psychology of culture “Crossing Over” The issues and challenges that immigrants and refugees go through are, being able to be a citizen in the United States, obtaining a residential card, and the process of receiving a green card or visa while in their country. Many groups are forced to move to another country because of war and oppression, and many decide to move for better living. The ones who are forced do not have a plan on where to live or where to go. Many times they are separated from their family and leave friends behind. Immigrants have a better chance because they plan to come to the United States, but the process of receiving a green card can take months or years to obtain. They also have time to pack and…show more content…
3. The first generation that just arrived to the U.S. has a hard time adapting to the new environment. They must learn the language; eat the food they are not used to eating, and meeting new people and going to different schools and having different jobs. It is a process of adapting, decision on whether they want to forget where they came from and only acknowledge their host country, or keep their traditional ways. If a child was born in the U.S. and family is from Israel, the ones born in Israel are more likely to be deported. In the movie crossing over, the 15 year old girl, who was deported had a sister and a brother who was born in the U.S. and the immigration people said that they are safe because they are citizens and do not need to worry about being deported. They can volunteer to leave but will never be forced to. The ones who are born in the U.S. are more likely to forget or have less knowledge about their main culture and country. They can be so consumed to the American way that it does not bother them that they know nothing about their actual culture. 4. The immigration policies have way too much requirements. The process is

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