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Crossing In this short story Crossing written by Mark Slouka, we read that the main character longs after his sons approval and trust. He wants to appear masculine and strong in front of his son. However, the main character forgets one thing. He forgets to be himself. He fails to see that all his young boy want, is to feel protected, loved and having someone to look up to. Being masculine does not mean that you have to act fearless or tough. In this short story, we read that the main character gets more anxious and scared as time goes; he tries to comfort and help his son throughout the whole story, even when he is scared he acts as if everything will be okay in front of his son. In this short, a father tries to rebuild his relationship with his son by taking him into a barn near a river. However, the trip take a drastic turn and the father and son is battling between life and death. The main character is a divorced father. The author does not write directly that the main character is divorced, but many hints indicate that he is “when he looked at her she shook her head and looked away and at that moment he thought, maybe- maybe he could make this right” (19-20) and “the azaleas he’d planted.” (14). these quotations indicates that he has once lived in the same house and that he felt guilty and ashamed about the separation and wants to make it right again. We get the feeling that the main character is not emotionally stable and strong enough to take care of his son. In contrast to the young boy, that probably sees his father as being strong. We, as readers do not see him as an authority because throughout the story we see his weaknesses, anxiousness and anxiety. Therefor we fear the worst for the son and the father because we do not trust the main character´s capability of protection. Crossing takes place in a big nature reserve in America. The setting of the

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