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A Write an essay (900-1200) words in which you analyze and interpret Mark Slouka’s short story ‘’Crossing’’. Part of your essay must focus on the narrative technique and the significance of the setting. Resume: The short story begins as a story about a man who takes his son to a deserted place, where he even remembers to have had good experiences with his own father. The man is divorced from the child's mother, but wants to maintain a good and friendly relationship with his son. He carries their backpacks over a low but fast-flowing river and then goes back and carries the boy above. They spend the next morning exploring the area. Later in the day today as they go across the river again, the man is well aware that stream is now even more powerful than the day before. As he carries the boy across the river, he loses balance, and although he did not go down with the water, they are taken partway down the river to a place where it seems impossible to get either forward or backward. The short story ends with the man standing in the middle of the river realizing that there is no way out of this. Yet he tells his son that they are okay and that he should just stick to him. Characterization of the father and the boy: The protagonist is an unnamed man somewhere between 30-50 years old, and is in a minor depression. The protagonist is divorced or separated from his wife. It would seem that the protagonist himself is to blame for the divorce, as he nurtures a desire that things should work again, both in relation to his ex-wife, but perhaps most in relation to his son. The father is very caring and loving to his son, and we summarize quickly sympathy with him as readers. Since we do not have access to the boy's thoughts and feelings, just as we have in the father represents the author paints a picture of him with descriptions and through his father's thoughts about

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