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Crossing Throughout several decades it has been a ritual for fathers to go camping with their sons. This ritual involves hunting and fishing and passing on knowledge and experiences about handling the forces of nature. These trips are not only in order to teach the sons, but also to bring father and son closer together. But nature can be a serious adversary for which reason the Man sometimes are being taught a lesson instead. The short story “Crossing” written by Mark Slouka are dealing with such a trip where a father, going through a life crisis, wants to teach his son how to overcome the strong forces of nature and in this way strengthen their relationship and rediscover the idea of his own life. The short story is told through a third person narrator. In the story we are presented to a father who is desperately trying to set things right after his divorce. After the divorce he is somehow deadlocked in his own life and does not know what to do, or how to break free. Now he has decided to do something that matters and is determined to bring him closer together with his son. “When he looked at her she shook her head and looked away and at that moment he thought, maybe—maybe he could make this right.” (l. 19-20). By showing his son a place from his own childhood and live over some of the days he has spent there as a child with his own father, he believes their relationship will be strengthened. The story places the point of view with the father. This narrative technique is used to show us how he experiences his life after his divorce, and what he is struggling with to find the meaning of life. This technique brings the readers close to the father and invites us into his thoughts and past, which allow us to see the difficulties of his life: “He hadn’t been happy in a while.” (l.1). Because Slouka brings the reader very close to the father we are feeling his

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