Cross Functional Decision Making & Business Impact Simulation Workshop Essay

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Cross Functional Decision Making & Business Impact Simulation Workshop We had initially planned that our strategy would primarily focus on the OEM and Wholesaler market but it did not work in the initial quarters as we had to deal with price wars in OEM segment as well as with little margins in the Wholesaler segment. This made us make losses in the initial quarters. At that time, everyone was focussing on the OEM and Wholesaler segment and due to this; we started concentrating on the VAR market. This paid off to us as we could sell and charge a higher price to that market. This was primarily the market which was not price sensitive. Due to this, we continued selling to this segment of the market. Now, we also realized that few of our competitors in the VAR segment had much higher version and we estimated that later on, we will lose out the market to them as they were spending heavily on the research for a Version upgrade. Due to this, we only concentrated on the Wholesaler segment hence forth and thus made profits. We realized that it is very important to improvise our strategies via a feedback mechanism which we got from the market in terms of the total revenue increase or decrease and prospects of which markets are underserved. We also learnt how to plan for contingencies and other possible scenarios of a Stock Out after working on the simulation. We had reached a considerable market share in the growing markets of the Latin America and Asia. The North American market was getting saturated; this made us focus very heavily on the emerging markets. This did pay off for us as we were producing huge volumes and were holding NO inventory. We decided to put our 4th Plant and thus reducing our cost of production by eliminating outsourcing. Also, we had upgraded to 4% defect rate and higher version of Automation. We were also selling the 2nd version of

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