Cross Cultural Perspectives

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Cross-Cultural Perspectives Introduction It is safe to say that the way each company runs is very different from another. In every country there are different cultures that exist. Just as well as any business different cultures exist within these organizations. There are always a variety of cultures that exist in each organization that makes a company what it is today. A person culture varies and is based on religion, language, beliefs and values. The way most businesses base their decisions in todays society is based on their culture – their beliefs and values that they believe. In this paper I will discuss the cultural issues within a particular global organization. In one company that most are familiar with, McDonalds. Cultural issues within global organizations When doing business in a global organization it is very important for one to understand the cultural issues that one might face during the processes of doing business. By understanding what it is, is the key component in any successful business. What works well in your country might not work well in another. By understanding the different roles is the best key to success. It is vital for a global organization to understand obstacles in managing international businesses such as the difference in language, culture, religion and traditions within the country. There are people who come from many different backgrounds and have different cultural impacts influences. If you were to dissect each countries social and cultural value, you would see that each country is not one in the same. Once you see this, it will be easier to understand that the perspectives of each individual are different as well. The challenges that cultural issues bring in global organizations Like any business there will always be challenges that an organization will face when building the success of their company. It is very

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