Cross-Cultural Perspective Essay

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Cross-Cultural Perspectives Debra Blackwelder ETH-316 MAy 12, 2014 Chuck Thompson Cross-Cultural Perspectives When an organization goes global, there are new social and ethical issues that arise. A company like Wal-Mart is no different. Wal-Mart is considered a retail giant and one of the largest companies in the world. It has grown as a staple in America as well as on an international platform, touching base in countries such as Japan and China. Wal-Mart is the largest retailer and the largest company in the history of the world in the way it conducts business operations. Wal-Mart management has implemented ways to overcome the challenges the present the ethical and social responsibilities with regard to globalization. The author will breakdown how the organization deals with ethical perspectives within this global icon. Wal-Mart is known around the world as a company that offers discounted merchandise to its customers to help them save money. The organization was built on values and moral and its’ own unique corporate culture. One of the key elements to all of the rules of Wal-Mart is respect for everyone, customers, suppliers, and associates. Wal-Mart was founded by Sam Walton in 1962 and he would encourage the associates of the company to follow the 10 foot rule, which is whenever an associate comes within 10 feet of a customer they would smile, greet them, and ask if they can help the customer. One of the ethical and social responsible issues that Wal-Mart deals with because it is a global organization is that the organization has found that its’ formula does not fit every culture. Wal-Mart failed to become the successful store in Germany that it is in America. Germany is not the only country that the organization has problems in. They also have problems in South Korea and Japan because even the low prices and large selection of merchandise they are

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