Cross Cultural Communication Essay

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Communicating Across Cultures An investigation into the varying communication processes across cultures.   Executive summary The research is based on the question stated below: "Cross-cultural communication often involves several barriers preventing success, the aim of this report is to identify the various problems that may arise in an attempt to explain how to overcome them" Basically we`re going to have a look at the meaning of communication before getting to understand the different cultures we come across worldwide. What defines communication, the different types of communicating and how is communication used. When understanding these subjects’ doors open to have a look at the differences communication is altered and affected by different cultures and how it is used in doing business across the globe. Hopefully it will reveal the answer to the question stated above. This report explores the communication process and identifies how varying cultures have an effect. The differing regional norms within the continents globally are also compared to aid successful communication across different cultures. Contents Executive summary 1 Introduction 4 Literature Review 5 Communication 6 Process 6 Encoding/Decoding 7 Transmitter 7 Receiver 8 Noise/Interference 8 Communication Context 9 Verbal 10 Interpersonal Speaking 10 Public speaking 11 Nonverbal 13 Kinesics 13 Paralanguage 13 Proxemics 13 Occulesics 14 Type of communication / management 15 Culture 17 Western Europe 17 Countries within Western Europe 17 Culture 17 Business Culture 19 Eastern Europe 22 Countries within Western Europe 22 Culture: 22 Business Culture 24 Middle-East 27 Culture 27 Business Culture 28 South-America 31 Culture 31 Business Culture 32 North-America 34 Culture 34 Business Culture 36 Asia 38 A Brief

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