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Drew Ballard English 1301 October 28, 2012 Professor Collier Descriptive Essay I stumbled off the buss slowly wiping my eyes of the sleep I had barely gotten on the trip to the cross country meet, the last meet left for me for the course of this year. The yellow sun was out and shining but it was not any match for the crisp winds we would have to be running against. I followed someone who seemed to know where they were headed to a poor looking excuse for a tent that someone had thrown on the ground still folded in an even square. I took a couple of seconds to look around at my surroundings and I noticed that we were in the middle of at least four smaller baseball fields that looked as if they had been used pretty often, the yellow grass in between each field had various bald patches that reminded me of my dad back home who as well as the grass could use a little grooming. Back on the far side of all of the baseball fields opposite from the direction that we had parked the bus was a small opening that lead into a hole in the greenery that I had totally skipped over seeing earlier. The races had just begun as we arrived there and my race was coming up next. I approached the starting line with a little more pep than I had before and take in the entire race, the smells of the grass, the sun bright in my eyes, and the anticipation of the gun that is eventually going to go off. Everyone takes their places on the white spray painted line on the grass as if they have been training to do this for a while now, with eyes not staying from what is in front of me and knees bent just enough to get a could starting push, the gun goes off, loud and with a gray smoky trail to come after it I take off forcing the moist ground away from my feet over and over again. The sun slowly faded from my eyes as we approached the beginning of the green forest that we would spend the

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