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Crooks Room Essay

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  • on May 23, 2012
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Rooms Can Say A Lot
This setting reveals Crooks room as any other person or teen. Just by looking in someones room or just by them describing the way they live in their room, you can tell what their character is, also what they possess has a factor on their room and personality. In this section of the book Of Mice and Men, John Steinbeck describes the character Crooks’ room in very deep, great detail. The author of this book makes his character come across as a person who is lonely, animal-like, and misunderstood.
When people read this section in the book, people might see Crooks as a lonely person because, as the author writes “for, being alone, Crooks could leave his things about, and being a stable buck and a cripple, he was more permanent then other men, and he had accumulated more possessions than he could carry on his back.” This quote from the book shows that maybe Crooks has all these possessions and items in his room for comfort for being so alone, he wants to feel that sense of security and that he has something or someone their or him. Another quote that shows Crooks as lonely is “Crooks had his apple box over his bunk, and in it a range of medicine bottles both for himself and for the horses. There were cans of saddle soap and a drippy can of tar with its paint brush sticking over the edge. And scattered about the floor were a number of personal possessions.” This quote might say the medicine might be for his crooked back, or just too maybe cope with being alone so much, having all the things and possessions scattered along the floor for himself or to take care of the horses, could give him a sense of belonging.
The second description that this author shows about Crooks is that he is animal-like. He describes everything in good detail what is in his room and how it is arranged. This quote shows how Steinbeck tells the reader how Crooks is animal-like, “a little shed that leaned off the wall of the barn. One side of the little room there was a...

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