Crooks Monologue Essay

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Crooks Monologue Life for me is depressin’. No one to talk to… Just a coupl’ ol’ white fellas givin’ me stick all time: ‘you’re a nigger’. Im fed up of it. I hate that word NIGGER! I just need a frien’ to rely on. Someone who does not care about the colour of ma’ skin. Someone who cares about who I am and not what I look like. I know I’m black but I’m American, I have a family back home. Just to see them again, I’d give ma’ right arm. Oh my little boys an’ my beautiful wife, I think of them all the time, my only dream. On this ranch it ain’t to bad tho, I get my own bunk and food. I get to tend the horses. I love ma’ horses. I named every single one of em’. Ma’ injury can’t keep me away from em’, there just too beautiful. There the only things that I can talk to from now an’ again, the only things that understand me. I prefer them than people. So much calmer, an’… there just so forgivin’. Either way I got to talk to someone, a big crazy fella’ called Lennie! He aint’ what I expected but he sure is a nice fella’. He always talks about his frien’ George, I don’t like George, he treats me wrong ever since he arrived. But Lennie’s funny! He’s so stupid… he talks about rabbits and tending them and all that stuff! Lennie’s not right in the head but at least I have someone to talk to. Someone just

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