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Crna Essay

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At the start of the CMBA program, I was enthusiastic and had many favorable ideas about group formations. I believed that group work would aid in the understanding and completion of assignments. Visions of less stress, an effective outcome for group projects, tutoring opportunities for challenging problems and the support of fellow learners served as encouragement and excitement for the future. However, I quickly became conscious of the fact that many trials and tribulations stood in the way of a proficient group experience. For example, initiating contact to other group members via email was arduous. This main problem hindered the progress of the group concerning discussions, leading to an overall stressful and frustrating experience.
I was assigned to group # 8, the other members of which were Wright-Mackey,
  Gereia and Torcivia, Gemma.   On the first attempt of contacting the group only Gemma showed any interest in getting started.   Despite the fact that many efforts were made in order to succeed as a unit, my group, plainly put, had no strengths whatsoever.   However, the idea of a study group gave me the opportunity to test my qualities of initiative and leadership. In order to get the emails of my fellow students in my group, I took the initiative and contacted the academic coach to try to get things started. In addition to this, throughout the semester I sent emails to members of my group on an average basis, around the time of discussion topics, which were not often heeded. Ultimately it was not effective since members were disinterested. Therefore I would say that there were no strengths within our group.
      The weaknesses and challenges of my group started form the beginning, being that we never essentially got the opportunity to work as a group. A multitude of problems from the start prevented the group from getting off of its feet and heading towards becoming a purposeful entity. A case in point of such said problems would be the fact that it was...

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