Crminal Investigation Essay

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Using my detective reasoning and the evidence found at the scene of the crime, I have deducted that the suspects Louise Hume and Gary Adams are indeed the culprits of this murder. My educated guess is that Louise Hume is the murderer and that Gary Adams served as an accomplice. The couple claim that Gary and Clark were hanging out at 10pm drinking and that Louise Hume arrived at 12.30am to find Gary and Clark arguing, Clark then supposedly pulls a knife on Louise but Gary tries to stop him and in the scuffle stabs Clark in self-defense, Gary then tried to drag Clark towards the road to help flag down a motorist to help. Many elements of their story don’t add up, they said that Clark and Gary were drinking at 10pm and that when Louise arrived they were already arguing, even though there was 3 chairs found at the scene, a discarded lipstick container and an empty tequila bottle with lipstick and DNA belonging to Louise Hume on it, the guys would have already finished drinking the bottle before 12.30am and they also said that Gary and Clark were already arguing by the time that Louise arrived and that was when he drew a knife on her, so unless Louise Hume was reapplying her lipstick and drinking from an already empty tequila bottle while getting attacked by Clark Gable, I don’t think that that was the actual time that Louise Hume arrived. Gary Adams claimed that when Clark pulled a knife on Louise that he defended her and in the scuffle Clark was accidently stabbed and killed, Clark Gable had 6 stabs wounds to the upper torso, 6 stab wounds don’t seem like much of an accident, this again invalidates their story, there was also a puddle of blood found on the toppled over chair that belonged to Clark Gable, I think that Mr. Clark Gable was stabbed whilst he was sitting down in his chair, and then he was dragged away. Another part of their story that doesn’t add up is

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