Crm in Iternet World Essay

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Customer's relation management system CRM become an important factor for businesses .since the direction of the new businesses shifted from been selling base to relation and retention building of loyal customers .which is not easy thing to get since customers differ from each other and a lot of factors can affect that such as buying habits and preferences. Understanding these factors are difficult to get with the traditional ways .but it get easier by using technologies and competent human resources to make a solid system to serve the new businesses goals of building relations oriented businesses . This paper studies the implementation of CRM system in banking sector. By defining three critical success factors for it. Moreover it identifies some marketing activities that are affected by using the CRM system. The CSFs of the CRM can be classified into three different categories first the strategic related factors which includes having a knowledgeable top management about the CRM and its potentials to be able to set the strategic goals of the organization clearly taking into consideration the use of the system. And to be able to drive the change of the organization culture successfully, which might happen after using the CRM system. The second CSF is in the tactical level which includes choosing the right CRM software package that can serve the business needed and integrate properly with the business processes of the organization. And the other important thing in this level is getting employee's engagement in the change and the use of the new system by providing them with awareness about the purpose of using the system and training them on how to use it in proper way. The last CSF lies in the operation level which indicate the importance of implementing the CRM tools using the best practices and using the them accordantly to achieve proper results such tools can

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