Crm Case Study

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Introduction Millennium Diamond Creation’s “Modern Diamond” brand trusts that the most important task is to retain relationship with existing customer base. With the right designs, reasonable prices, and world-class quality, customers, ultimately, still remind and continue purchasing Modern Diamond’s products. “Due to the high competition in jewelry business, the company is focusing in the system that can collect customers’ information, activities, and behaviors, which are extremely dynamic. Unlike Sage CRM solution, typical accounting systems are not developed to support our demands.” Managing direction, Ms. Maneenuch Ngamphatipong said. “Sage CRM assists us to understand our customers’ desires, which are leaded to design the right products with the right quantity at the optimal efficiency. In each year, the numbers of our members are significantly increased. Due to this reason, the necessity of customers classification is considered to be high priority. Sage CRM plays the important role to perfectly group our members in VIP level and normal level for prepare the benefits of each group. Besides grouping, which is annually evaluated, Sage CRM also supports us to efficiently evaluate our marketing campaign and communication; in return, we can save costs from unproductive events or media spending. In addition, after-sales services system of Sage CRM also helps us to manage goods return and complains effectively. In conclusion, Sage CRM delivers high values from investment.” The Selection Process Jewelry business of Millennium Diamond Creation has special characteristic, which is not suitable with normal software. Millennium Diamond Creation needs software to be capable in not only administrating customers and members, but also managing as high- valued products as jewelry. Since each piece has high price with distinctive style, illustrated
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