Crj 110 Essay

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Step 1: Answer the following questions for review 1. What is the role of criminological research in theory building? By definition criminology is a profession built around the scientific study of crime and criminal behavior, including their forms, causes, legal aspects, and control. Put all these considerations together to get possible solutions to the problem of crime. 2. How can theories help us to understand criminal behavior? To design strategies intended to control such behavior? By definition a theory is a series of interrelated propositions that attempt to describe, explain, predict, and ultimately control some class of events. A theory gains explanatory power from inherent logical consistency and is “tested” by how well it describes and predicts reality General Theory: A theory that attempts to explain all (or at least most) forms of criminal conduct through a single, overarching approach. Integrated Theory: A theory that does not necessarily attempt to explain all criminality but is distinguishable by the fact that it merges (or attempts to) concepts drawn from different sources. 3. What role do research and experimentation play in theory building in criminology? How might a good research design be diagrammed? What kinds of threats to the validity of research designs can you identify? How can such threats be controlled or eliminated? Theories once proposed,need to be tested against the real world via a variety of research strategies, including experimentation and case studies. Research design have to consist of the logic and structure inherent in any particular approach to data gathering. There are two types of validity those are: those that limit the certainty that internal interventions caused the changes in research findings,which is called internal validity, and those that affect the ability of researchers to generalize the research
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