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Sometimes I wonder and think where people normally get the courage, the motivation and the will to make themselves absolutely secondary and do good or at least try to better lives of other people. We all try and do our bit for the other and none of us, or at least most of us aren’t completely selfish in nature but we can’t also claim to be completely selfless. Some people are lucky that their calling happens to be selflessness, some people are lucky that they get the chance, but what is most appealing to me as a person is that someone so ordinary, like you and me, takes the chance given, goes out of their comfort zone as we call it, do what they like and do it their way and still make such a marked difference. Freedom Writers is a really good movie because of the truth there is in it, because of the reality it shows and it changes, because of the good it strives to bring about without preaching. Freedom writers are about giving a future and about giving hope. Freedom writers as an organization is about making one realize that nothing is impossible and that fighting without a reason, just because you are told to do so. Freedom writers made me aware, made me realize, and also inspired me, that many times we don’t know what we are up against and why we are up against it. Do we go after things or people just because we have been told to or because we have a reason in backing our actions. Erin Gruwell, the star character of the movie, is on the face of it just like you and I, a young person wanting to become a teacher because she likes the aspect and the idea of it, married young and happy with her life but wanting to make a change. You dwell a little deeper and you realize that she has the innate quality of putting someone else before her, for a better good even if that means letting go of her life, of her pleasures. She has the will to go those extra steps to

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