Critisism Essay

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James Cope COM 136 Instructor Janet Sauter January 30, 2012 Reflection Paper #2: Giving and Receiving Criticism Response Question 1a I absolutely respond differently inwards than I do outwards to criticism. On the outside I act like I don’t care what other people say or think about me. On the inside, however, criticism does bother me especially when it comes from someone I am close too. I catch myself replaying their criticisms over and over again in my head. Response Question 2a Who the person is definitely influences how I receive criticism. I care a lot more how someone I love and am close to views me than some stranger walking down the street. Response Question 2b A stranger can walk up to me and say “I don’t like that shirt on you “and I can just go about my day, and forget they even said anything about it. My girlfriend or mom can say the exact same thing, and I will immediately take the shirt off and never wear it again. I know that my loved ones have pure intentions and I value their opinions much more. The stranger could just be jealous or just be having a bad day and want to take it out on me; life is much too short to worry about what everyone thinks about me. Response Question 3a I would like to think I do not give much criticism, but my girlfriend complains everyday that I am much too critical of her. I’m sure she is right, I try not to though. I give criticism very bluntly, and don’t think about what I am saying until I’ve already said it most of the time. Response Question 3b Honestly no I am not effective, because, as a man, I have a hard time knowing exactly why I am feeling the way I am feeling. I will be mad that my girlfriend has to work all night, and I miss her, but I will tell her I am mad because I have to do all the laundry while she is at work. Instead of just being honest about what is actually
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