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Critiquing a Man Essay

  • Submitted by: msheeks
  • on October 7, 2012
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Measuring A Man Through Critique.
A lone man expresses his thoughts using humor to disarm his audience while also forming their beliefs in the direction of his own opinion.   “The Measure of a Man” by Richard Le Galliennen tells of the struggle to define “Manhood,” Questioning what “it” is that a man must possess to be recognized openly as a “man”, comically describing his feelings as he strives to be what he views a man is in his Phantasmagoria of a life.   Expressing his feelings of lacking the per se   “manhood” when compared physically to those who he deems to be “manly”, although he possesses the same makings that they do, he views that others do not consider him to be a “man”. Within the writing the author contradicts one of his arguments by admitting that “manhood” may conceivably be a personal trait rather than just a physical fashion. He   references such writings as “Jack and The Bean Stalk”, alluding to the small framed, yet brave character Jack as the genuine man rather than the Giant,   Concluding that in the end manhood may be defined by the acts a man makes but is more easily recognizable by the stereotypical physical traits of a   “man.”
At the very start of the telling of the essay, Richard Le Gallienne is internally perplexed about manhood. He articulates his internal dialogue of how he views himself. He considers himself to be in a state of melancholy over his outer appearance. Opening himself up to the audience allows the audience to feel connected to the writer, connecting by using insecurities that are personal and rarely discussed openly. The audience will quickly become intrigued in learning more about the writers intimate feelings, which draws the readers in and makes a fantastic first paragraph.   Going on he Surrenders himself to the views and stereotypes of others. He deems himself unmanly, skillfully gaining sympathy by asserting that his unmanliness is by no fault of his own. Noting that even as he writes, expressing his views on such a...

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