Critique On “On Running After One’S Hat”

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Critique on “On Running after One’s Hat” Chesterton’s “On Running after One’s Hat” essay is an attempt to convince his readers to see a positive side in bad situations. However, his logos appeals are ineffective in some instances because readers are likely to find his reasoning to be insensitive and ridiculous. In other instances his logos appeals are effective because most reader are likely to consider his suggestions useful. G.K. Chesterton’s essay “On Running after One’s Hat” was written after he receives news of rain fall in London that has flooded parts of the city. In the essay Chesterton is trying to send a message that it is better to view annoying situations that occur in our daily life with a little optimism. He gives several examples of annoying situations that people may find themselves involved in. Chesterton suggests readers should use their imagination to see a more positive side of an annoying situation instead of dwelling on the negative view (42-45). Chesterton’s attempts to make his readers see a positive side in a bad situation is ineffective, because his logos appeal is likely to be considered insensitive by some readers. In this attempt Chesterton is away visiting another country when he hears that London has been flooded particularly his own town of Battersea was badly affected by the flood waters. Chesterton views the flood as being romantic and poetic he states “There is nothing so perfectly poetical as an island; and when a district is flooded it becomes an archipelago” (42). It is possible that his statement is likely to be considered insensitive to some reader based merely on the circumstances that may occur when a district is flooded. In a situation of this magnitude lives may be lost, houses may be destroyed, electrical interferences may occur, and crops can be ruined. When this happens it is more likely to create moments

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